Tuesday, March 19th and Thursday, March 21st

6 PM - 10 PM (ish)

Limited to 12 writers

Del not only helped me see the importance of giving each character a distinct and unique voice, but he gave me the tools and knowledge I need to achieve it.

~ Brina Palencia


Del Shores' workshop fosters an environment that encourages writers to write. Pure and simple. His own background and personality encourages a writer to explore and create his or her own narrative in their own unique voice. There is something magical about writing a scene and watching skilled actors create your story off the page.

~ Mary Griffitts

I started as an actor. I’m still an actor, although I wear other hats more often. But everything I do – including my writing – is an extension of my acting. So, I now teach actors who write or want to write – or writers who want to understand how acting and writing are connected, sharing how I write from the characters’ point of view.   Create the characters and they will take you on a journey!

NIGHT ONE. We will discuss creating characters, dialogue and touch on structure in all mediums I’ve worked in – stage, film and TV. In that, know I’m a non-traditionalist with structure and will encourage you to find your own path by allowing your creative muse and characters to guide your story. I will guide you through several fun writing exercises, focusing on finding and creating characters. You will understand by the end of the evening how to scratch deep to create full characters with real dialogue and how those developed, well-drawn characters will take you on a journey. At the end of the evening, you will be given a simple writing assignment: To write a short scene before evening two!

NIGHT TWO. You will write your scene on the day between the workshop nights. You will cast your scene either with actors from the class or guest actors you bring into the workshop to perform your scene in a cold (or warm) reading. You can either give the pages to your actors early that night or email them to them before, so they can read them over. Being off book is certainly not required. YOU MAY NOT ACT IN YOUR OWN SCENE, even if you are writing the piece for yourself, as you need to focus on the work as a writer.  Cast your piece with strong actors! I will then mentor you, guide you and hopefully inspire you to rewrite and create your new play, screenplay or teleplay.   Do not be afraid! This will be fun! I promise!

Cost $195

Del Shores’ Home

Address given upon enrollment



Saturday, March 23rd and Sunday, March 24th

10 AM - 6 PM (1 hour lunch around 1-ish)

Limited to 14 actors

I’ve had many great acting coaches, none more insightful and inspiring than Del Shores. His writing, acting and directing experience, as well as his insider's view of "The Industry", inform his work with veteran AND beginning actors. He's a kind and generous mentor with truly helpful tips and guidance.
~ Cynthia Sanders


Del Shores is a brilliant teacher and director.  He knows how to bring out the best in every actor and understands the importance of navigating this crazy business.

~ Kristen McCullough


Well, many have asked, so I’ve decided to teach in Los Angeles.  I love my master scene study workshops because I get to do what I love most - direct great actors!  And for the first time in a long time, I'm going to do it for two days emphasizing drama on day one and comedy on day two.  Advanced actors: clear your schedule and let’s do this!


The goal is to work, right?  So, I want to work with those who WANT TO WORK and who are ready to work.  You have to work hard to get work in this business.  YOU have to make it happen.  I want to work with those who are committed, who want this, who want to dig deeper and make a breakthrough to that next level that will separate you from the pack.  I want you to face your fears and choose scenes accordingly.  If you are scared of comedy, DO IT!   If intimacy scares you, choose a kissing or bedroom scene!  In that, my workshops are ALWAYS a safe place to work and grow.


This workshop is not for beginners.  It's for those who are already working or feel that they are ready to work.  If you feel that's you and you are ready to take your acting to yet another level, this is your workshop.  If you need a strong kick in the ass, this one is for you!   


The first day will feature DRAMA and the second day will feature COMEDY.  I have been told that many fear comedy!  Well, I know comedy, and I can guide you as you develop your own brand of “funny”.  


The moment the workshop is full – and no later than 2 weeks before the workshop – I will send you a list of your fellow actors.  You will then email me up to six people on that list that you would like to work with.   I will team you up with two other actors -- one for your dramatic scene and one for your comedic scene.  The goal -- get outside your comfort zone with scene partners and with material.   And if you don't have a preference or don't know the other actors, I'll choose for you.  OR, you can agree mutually on partner(s) and confirm together that you want to work together, specifying comedy partner or drama partner.  YOU MUST WORK WITH TWO DIFFERENT PARTNERS and YOU MUST COMMIT TO BOTH DAYS.


You and your partners will choose your scene together.  It should be no longer than 7 minutes and IT SHOULD CHALLENGE YOU.  I will then direct you for the remainder of your time.  The goal?  To make that next break-through in your acting.   Stronger choices, no nerves, claiming your star power!   And of course, as always, I offer dose of career advice and inspiration.

Although there are never rules about being in class except for your scenes, I would advise you to be there as much as possible over this weekend.  You will learn as much or more by watching your fellow actors.  There is going to be some amazing work in this one.  

Ready, get set, go.  First come, first serve!


NOTE: Advanced older youth are very welcome.  Parents, just know language and scene content will NOT be censored, so mature teens only please.   


COST $195

Jeffrey Marcus Studios

1415 Carmona Ave

Los Angeles, 90019

DISCLAIMER: Del Shores Workshops and Reel Shoots are not job interviews or auditions.  They are for educational and learning purposes only.