Del Shores is the real deal! His experience covers every aspect of show business. I have attended several scene study classes of his over the years and I always felt that I was learning as well as revisiting the Great Truths I need to be reminded of with acting. Lately, I have taken virtual classes with Del - Film vs Theatre Auditions and an Intro to Writing class. They were fun and I left with some specific ideas about how to go forward. 

-Stevie Dunnam

Del's "Writing from the Actor's Perspective" class was inspiring! The in-class work motivated many of us to move forward with more in-depth projects. Del is not only a talented writer, director and teacher, he is a sincerely caring individual who sees and nurtures each artist. 

-Katy Dore

Now is the time to get your monologues ready for when the world reopens, and Del’s Monologue workshop is the place to do it.  Del always finds that little missing ingredient that kicks my monologue from ‘Good’ straight up to ‘Wow!’.   Plus, his workshops are fun, and I always leave feeling confident and energized.  He’s simply the best!

-Allyn Carrell

I love all of the workshops, specifically the TRUST YOUR GUT workshop.  It allows me to truly play--right or wrong, I have fun and learn to trust myself knowing that I can be re-directed if what I choose isn't what "they" were thinking.  OR, I can even change "their" mind!!!

The Under 5 workshop reinforced the fact that it is great to have multiple ways of doing a role, ready to show them.  And that just doing me is unique in itself.  Not to be afraid to just do me and TRUST it!

Mat Hayes' Self Tape Workshop was fantastic!!!   I really needed help with all of the technical: uploading, sending, resizing......He taught us all of that plus tips to make it "pop".   AND even addressed some acting tips.  I had avoided  a lot of self taping auditions, just because I always ran into issues in the getting it to "them" part.  Now, I have submitted for multiple roles through Actors Access and Backstage, just since taking Mat's workshop.  I'm excited!!!

-Tracie Foster

"Del's class was exactly what I was looking for! He covered the ins and outs of basic writing and provided plenty of time for everyone to ask detailed questions. His knowledge, patience, and encouragement helped me get outside of my comfort zone and motivated me to try new things. I can't wait to apply what I learned!"

-Eric Rosswood

On Del Shores:

Whatever class you take of Del’s, you’re getting the virtuosity of a writer, director, producer and actor … a true artist who has mastered it all while staying true to himself. These are master classes indeed. 

Del is encouraging, inspiring and just so doggone fun. 

Del has helped me counter my dread of auditions. I keep his positive voice in my heart (and head) - “You GET to audition today!” - every time I go out for a role. 

Del Shores = Confidence builder

On Mat Hayes:

Mat Hayes’ “Self-Tape Class” will give you a leg up on the competition. From start to finish, Mat guides you through the Eco-casting process from sides to techniques, frames to lights, readers to props, and so much more. 

This is audition-changing stuff and a skill Mat has mastered and knows how to teach. 

-Nancy Jay

The feedback I received from Del was invaluable. He draws from years of experience and has a huge well of knowledge, both artistic and practical. He's also incredibly easy to talk to and creates a positive environment that's focused on bettering you, wherever you are in your journey. I think everyone could benefit from his feedback.

-Leroy Hood

What a great experience learning so much in May Hayes‘ workshop. Mat was so patient, and fun and we posted our self tapes to Actors Access during class. Mat’s honest critiques were right on. After class I ordered a Ring Light Head Tripod Stand Set! Bring on those audition requests! I highly recommend you take this class!

-Sue Ellen Love

Re:  the Mat class.  As I beginner in the art of self-taping and self-submitting, I learned the basics of the taping process.  If doesn't matter what you are using to tape your scene.  Mat worked with Android and i phones.  The best part of the class was Mat sent us an audition request on Actors Access.  We uploaded our tapes and got to see what the Casting Director sees when you have been asked to submit an audition tape.  In addition to the technical part of the workshop, Mat also gave pointers on lighting, sound, and background.   p.s.  I took the workshop twice because Mat is interesting and I learned from watching the other participants in the class.

-Charlotte White

In this visual world, an actors calling card has become the demo reel. It's become more or equally important as the headshot/resume. Del's writing and directing skills have given him insight into producing professional, well written and directed reels to showcase actors qualities and uniqueness. He customized each demo to fit the talent. Very affordable and this is a marketing tool that is a must have for each talent. Casting and directors/producers are flooded with submissions. A demo reel will help you stand out by providing a quick review of your skills and Del brings out the best in each talent. Even if you have a demo reel, one of Del's scenes added to it will bring a fresh perspective! ~Linda McAlister, Linda McAlister Talent


"My Agent Got Me the Audition; Del's Reel Got Me the Job!!!”   Patty Pell, Actress

Del Shores understands actors and knows how to guide them in the right direction. His classes are very creative, informative and a whole lot of fun! Actors will never find a better director to work with, who is as passionate about character as Del.  
Ryan Glorioso, C.S.A.
Glorioso Casting, New Orleans, LA

It is great to know we have such a professional source for training right in our own back yard! I recommend Del all the time to actors at all stages of their careers. 
Suzanne R. Horne, Horne Agency, Dallas, TX

Del Shores is a brilliant teacher and director. He knows how to bring out the best in every actor and understands the importance of navigating this crazy business. He is open and generous with his experience and knowledge. Every workshop I've taken leaves me excited and enthusiastic about acting and my career.    Kristin McCullough, Actress


"It is unusual to find a writer/director/actor/coach who combines those experiences in a way which provides such a safe, supportive environment. Del blends these with a sensitivity that allows actors to focus on their individual goals. His workshops are set in an open, collaborative atmosphere that encourages actors to take the risks necessary for their next step, no matter what it may require of them. Those with experience hone their skills. Fledglings fly. Great workshops!"  Bill Flynn, Actor


"Del's auditioning workshops gave me confidence and changed me from hating auditions to loving them.”

Ira Einsohn, Actor


Del Shores is A Writer, An Actor’s Writer.  He shows you how to write dialogue that reads like people talk, how to create full characters and how to heighten the stakes.  Del puts the magic in the three act structure.  This workshop is “a must” for actors and writers!!  Patty Pell, Actress


"I attended my first of what I hope will be many of Del Shore's Workshops in Dallas.  Del has a way of making each and every actor in the group feel as though he is coaching directly to you!  His coaching style is relaxed, extremely encouraging, and lots of fun!  I did not want the day to end!”  Sheril Rodgers, Actress


"The one Master Coach I must work with each year is Del Shores.  I always walk away from his workshops with dozen's of notes, a fresh perspective, tools to apply to almost every aspect of my career as an actor and the drive to press forward and become to best performer I can be.”  Louisa Cambridge, Actress


"Del's workshops provide a perfect blend of constructive critique, individual and group learning, industry experience from a professional, and the motivation to push your acting career to new levels that will will leave with a burning desire to grow as an actor.  That being said, I feel the most important thing that Del offers in these classes, is accountability. He tells you what you need to hear, and by doing so, prepares you as best he can for this industry.  From performing and watching others you will learn to ask the question "Can I dig deeper?" and when you're willing to answer with  a YES, Del will provide you with the tools to do so.”   Greg Connors, Actor


"I learned more about myself and my acting skills in just a couple of hours with Del's workshops than I did in 20 years of experience on stage. Del is extremely insightful and knows exactly how to share his brilliance with anyone." 
- Beth Walker, Actress


"I've had many great acting coaches, none more insightful and inspiring than Del Shores. His writing, acting and directing experience, as well as his insider's view of "The Industry", inform his work with veteran AND beginning actors. He's a kind and generous mentor with truly helpful tips and guidance."
- Cynthia Sanders, Actress

Del Shores' classes are a must!"
- Hannah Morris, Actress

Del's writing workshop opened my eyes and my mind to creating characters from the ground up, from the inside out, and my one scene (we write and we act) hit me like a ton of truth. 
- Gregory Mansur, T.C.U. Professor - Film, Television, Digital Media Department 


I have been a film acting coach in Dallas for 22 years. The first time I ever saw a Del Shores workshop I knew I had to ask him to come back from L.A. to work with my actors. Del has a wonderfully intuitive, creative, caring mind and has the unique ability to evoke emotions and performances from all actors, no matter their current skill level. 
- Michele Condrey, Acting Coach; The Michele Condrey Studio R.E.A.C.T., Dallas, TX


Del Shores is where I go to balance my creative PH. I constantly recommend his workshops and reel shoots to my actors - all ages! When I take one of his workshops, (and I've taken countless) I always feel creatively rejuvenated, like I've been to a spa for the child in my soul. You will laugh and cry, and always walk away feeling nurtured, challenged, and ready to attack your career. Can't recommend him enough! 
- Nancy Chartier, Acting Coach, Nancy Chartier Studios, Dallas, TX


The special sold-out Del Shores workshop held by Class Act Dallas/Heavenly Muse Productions was an exhilarating and unforgettable event for all actors involved. Del's knowledge, energy, and focus amid a wide array of professional actors and challenging material awed the participants and the auditors who packed the house.  
- Daniel Foster, Heavenly Muse Productions, Class Act Dallas