DALLAS: Del Shores' Reel Shoots



A few years ago, I shot one scene with Del, which led me to landing my first agent, Linda McAlister. A month later, I booked a recurring role on ARMY WIVES. That one tape started it all and helped propel my career forward in Los Angeles. Del's direction is impeccable, and I am forever indebted to him for the role he and his reel shoots have played in my success thus far.


~Chloe Lanier - Emmy Award-winning actress, General Hospital

In this visual world, an actors calling card has become their demo reel. It's become more or equally as important as the headshot/resume. Del's writing and directing skills have given him insight into producing professional, well written and directed reels to showcase actors' qualities and uniqueness. He customizes each demo to fit the talent. This is a necessary marketing tool that is a must have for every actor, and it’s very affordable!. Casting offices and directors/producers are flooded with submissions. A demo reel will help you stand out by providing a quick review of the different colors and nuances you have as an actor and Del brings out the best in each talent. Even if you have a demo reel, adding one of Del's scenes will bring a fresh perspective! 

~Linda McAlister - Owner/Agent, Linda McAlister Talent

DALLAS: Del Shores' Reel Shoots 
Saturday July 6th 2019

Group One - 10AM – 1PM (SOLD OUT)
Group Two - 2PM - 5PM (SOLD OUT)
Group Three - 6PM - 9PM (SOLD OUT)


Dear Actors and Parents of Actors: 


Del Shores’ Reel Shoots are back!  If you have ever felt hesitant or intimidated to shoot your reel, grab a spot in my Reel Shoot Preparation Workshop on July 5th and come to the shoot rehearsed and with confidence. 


INFO/REGISTRATIONS for all Del Shores Dallas July Workshops, CLICK:

Do you have a reel? Do you have a good one? What are you missing from your reel? A character? An emotion? A look? Drama? Comedy? 

If you don't have a reel -- or don't have a good one -- then you are doing your career a disservice. Help your agent by helping yourself get those auditions and opportunities that could turn into JOBS!

I've now been shooting reels for about eight years. And I've found a way to make them much more affordable. Actors have gotten agents, auditions, meetings with casting directors - AND THEY HAVE GOTTEN JOBS as a result of the work that we've created together for their reels.    I have attached some links at the end of this to show you some terrific reels I’ve shot with Dallas Actors.

I've noticed that on reels, close and medium shots are key. So, I will shoot you in close-up or medium-close for your short scene. There is no editing on our end. You get your strongest takes uploaded to you within 10 days of the shoot. You will then need to get your strongest footage from your scene and edit it into your reel. Shoot as many scenes as you need to create a strong reel. 

I have written many original scenes for you to choose from, as well as an opportunity to improvise a scene or two (with my guidance).   And this time, I will be writing some new scenes based what you need for your reel!  I will shoot them with my amazing director of photography Jeffry Chaffin so they will feel like a clip from a film or from a TV show. 

You will not use the entire scene on a reel.  Just an amazing clip or a "pop" as I like to call them. A good "pop" on a reel can be as short as 5 seconds as long as it sells you, your look and your talent! My goal is to create scenes that feel as if they are part of a bigger project to give you a character, an emotion, a look that you need to sell yourself as an actor. Look at some of the reels I’ve shot (LINKS attached) and you'll understand!


Also, I’m glad to have a phone consultation with you after you sign up to discuss your needs and guide and advise you.


There will be three groups.

Group One - 10AM – 1PM (4 spots left)
Group Two - 2PM - 5PM (SOLD OUT)
Group Three - 6PM - 9PM (6 spots left)

You may shoot as many scenes, in as many set-ups, as you want.   Each scene is $150 per actor.   Additional scenes are $100. There is a package deal of 4 scenes or more - $100 each.  You may split your scenes between multiple sessions or book them all in one session.


EDITING. If you need your reel edited together, my amazing Director of Photographer Jeffry Chaffin will edit your reel for only $125, and you can book that on the day of the shoot.   Or, you can use your own editor.


1)  THERAPY SESSIONS:  I have written MANY solo scenes that you may choose from - all ages!   We will shoot these on our COUCH SET or BOARDROOM SET.


2)  COUPLES THERAPY:   This is new!  Grab a partner (who also must enroll).  Drama/Comedy.  If you choose this, we will have a conversation about what you need, tone, character, etc and I will write you a short scene.  We will shoot a tight 2-shot.   We will shot on our COUCH SET.


2)  THE DATE.  You’ll need a partner (who must also enroll) and I will write you a fun date scene and shoot it as a tight two-shot.    This one is wide open for comedy OR drama.  We can shoot either on COUCH SET or on stools side by side BAR SET.

3)  AFTER THE FUNERAL.  I have written many SOLO toast scenes and also TWO CHARACTER scenes for an after a funeral wake.  We will create a mini-set that looks like part of a LIVING ROOM.  Most of these are comedy and you can explore the material – link below.    


4)  DIVORCE PARTY – Like “After The Funeral”, these scenes are solo toast/speeches and two-character scenes.   Mostly  comedy.  


NOTE:  Many of the characters in After The Party and Divorce Party have a monologue AND a two-character scene.   Filming both for a reel works very nicely for our purpose of creating a character that looks like a part of a film or TV show.  In Divorce Party, some characters are only in two-character scenes, but I’m glad to write an additional monologue if you need.


5)  ROAD RAGE!  We've all been or been a victim of the pissed-off driver behind the wheel. We will shoot in a car, in the parking lot in front of our studio. We will discuss what you are raging about and AD-LIB through the scene. Youth can also book this, as a passenger, or a driver who should NOT be driving. If you need me to script one for you, I can do that, too! 


6)   KITCHEN/BREAK ROOM.   The Artists Playground has a terrific break room, which also has partial kitchen look.    There are scenes in my book that lend themselves to this location or I can write you a new one.  Ad-libbing is also welcome.



Enrollment also includes a copy of one of 
(either for actresses and actors)
There are a few additional scenes in my monologue books that you may choose from that are not in the scene selections link. 

These will be fun shoots. They will also be a great experience in shooting in front of a camera!  You need to get comfortable on a set if you plan to work in this business. Plus, they should give you some great new material for your reel! I have MANY YOUTH SCENES. Bring a spirit of fun and your willingness to go for it in a fun, safe atmosphere! You will not be looking for perfection from start to finish. You will be looking for a good "pop”, 10 seconds -- or longer that will sell your acting and look. In that, YOU MUST BE PREPARED - lines, props and costumes are your responsibility. Your work will suffer if you are NOT prepared.

Although you may not be on the set for the entire three hours (for each set-up you will be scheduled for 1 hour or less), I will not be able to be specific with your call time until I have completed enrollment.  


3310 Keller Springs Road #150
Carrollton, TX 75006 

Click below for examples of actors' reels who have been shot and scripted by Del Shores